Environmentally Friendly Landscaping in Newbury


We live in a beautiful world, and our corner of New Hampshire is an amazing place.
Our goal at JCB Designscapes is to enhance your enjoyment of your landscape and
the natural world, and that means we put a high priority on having a positive
environmental impact on communities like Newbury where we live and work.

Landscaping for Community Health

It’s easy to take for granted, but landscapes and maintained green spaces have a
tremendous positive impact on our mental health and on our communities at large.
Studies have shown that access to landscapes and plant life helps to reduce stress
, and we can all use some help in that department. Living plants, turf and trees
all produce oxygen and shade while pulling carbon dioxide out of the air. Living
landscapes offer a range of environmental and health benefits to our entire
Newbury community.

Permeable Pavers: Eco-Conscious Hardscaping

Newbury residents are accustomed to having clean, safe water in our lakes and
streams. One potential hazard to our water quality is impermeable surfaces like
sidewalks and especially parking lots. Water can run off of these surfaces and
flow directly into the watershed, bringing pollutants along for the ride.

JCB Designscapes feels strongly about our responsibility to be good stewards of the
environment through our work, and we are happy to offer permeable paver solutions
to all of our clients. Unlike traditional paved surfaces, permeable pavers allow
water to drain through instead of running off. The result? Water is filtered
through the soil structure, just as if it were landing on an unpaved surface.

For a community like Newbury, permeable pavers are a way to ensure that our local
watershed remains healthy, and JCB Designscapes is proud to do our part to support
our ecosystem with responsible landscape solutions.