A Grand Entrance For Your Lebanon Home


Your entryway is the first impression that your home makes on anyone who visits.
Open and inviting walkways, vibrant flowers, and well-designed shrubs make
guests feel immediately welcome. Over time, entryways and walks to your Lebanon
home can become overgrown or worn thin. If your entryway is in need of a
facelift, JCB Designscapes can help.

Plant beds on either side of your front door help to frame and define the space.
Symmetrical landscaping with flowers or shrubs draws attention to your doorway,
highlighting your entrance. If installing new beds is not possible, large planter
pots offer a dramatic but flexible alternative. Planter pots can be filled with
seasonal arrangements that keep your entryway colorful and welcoming all year long

The walkway leading to your door is a key feature of your
entry that can be more impactful than you might think. The hardscape experts at {{
companyName }} have been renovating and improving Lebanon walkways for years and can
do the same for you.

A walkway does not have to be only functional; it can also add decorative flair to
your Lebanon property. Varied pavers or natural stone walkways offer a dramatic
welcome. Lighting features along your walk add safety while contributing to curb

Your home’s entryway is its most visible element. By developing your front door area,
you make a positive impression to those who visit or even just drive by. Well
-designed hardscape and landscape features make your entrance “pop” with a sense of
warmth and hospitality. Let the pros at JCB Designscapes create a truly grand
entrance for your Lebanon home!