Landscaping Portfolio

JCB Designscapes LLC successfully completed various hardscaping and landscaping projects across New Hampshire, enhancing outdoor spaces with natural stone, permeable patios, and custom driveways.

We specialize in transforming outdoor living spaces across New Hampshire into stunning, functional landscapes. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of hardscaping projects, from intricately designed natural stone walkways and permeable patios to custom driveways and elegant pool patios. Each project is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability, utilizing materials that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also address environmental considerations like drainage and water management. Whether you’re looking to create a serene backyard retreat or a welcoming front entryway, our expert team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with precision and style.

Hardscaping Design Project Portfolio

  • Permeable Natural Stone Project In Sunapee, NH

    JCB Designscapes LLC, your walkway and driveway hardscaping specialists, successfully completed a Permeable Natural Stone Project in Sunapee, NH.

  • Dimensional Bluestone Pool Patio Project in Newport, NH

    JCB Designscapes LLC, your patio installation and hardscaping professional, successfully completed a Dimensional Bluestone Pool Patio Project in Newport, NH.

  • A natural stone walkway installed by JCB Designscapes at a Newport area home

    Natural Stone Hardscaping Project In Newport, NH

    JCB Designscapes LLC, your stone hardscaping professional, successfully completed a Natural Stone Hardscaping in Newport, NH. This is a big project with lots of different components. We renovated the entire yard to include dimensional bluestone walkways & patios, stone and traditional planting beds, lawns, bluestone hard pack driveway and an old granite step reclaimed and turned into a bench.

  • Landscaping Renovation In Sunapee, NH

    The homeowners asked for an outdoor space where they can enjoy the changing NH seasons along with creating a safe and beautiful entry to welcome their friends and family. We did a landscape renovation which included patios, walkways, native NH stone walls, and granite steps. Our happy customers are ready to entertain and enjoy their new space!

  • Front Entryway in Bradford, NH

    This project required addressing the old stone retaining wall, wooden steps, as well as a drainage problem. Demolition included disposing of the wooden steps, removing the old stone retaining wall, and installing drainage pipe and stone. Once that was installed, we built a new stone retaining wall, adding in a set of Swenson granite steps, as well as a Cambridge paving stone walkway.

  • Hot Tub Patio with Granite Steps in Sutton, NH

    This Sutton, New Hampshire client was looking for a low-impact solution to create easier access to the family hot tub. We installed a new set of Swenson granite steps, connecting from the sliding door of the house down onto a new Cambridge paver patio that was tied in as one unit with the existing hot tub pad.

  • Permeable Deck Patio in Quechee, VT

    This unique project skillfully blended multiple landscape elements, meticulously designed to enhance the visual appeal right from the driveway entrance. Our team expertly installed a bluestone patio, which seamlessly integrates a hot tub, complemented by elegant granite steps. Additionally, the design features a bluestone walkway that leads to a cutting-edge, permeable outdoor shower. This thoughtful integration not only elevates the functionality of the outdoor space but also incorporates permeable decking solutions, ensuring sustainable water management and adding to the aesthetic and practical value of the property.

  • Front Entryway in New London, NH

    With this project, the client wanted a more appealing entrance to the house. A large front entry walkway connects the front steps to the driveway while incorporating a smaller walkway to the garage door which adds additional definition to the front entry area. A free-standing stonewall was incorporated between the walkway and the remainder of the front yard.

  • Patio and Outdoor Living Space Design in Grantham, NH

    This amazing backyard had a limited outdoor living area close to the house. Working through the design process, we constructed a retaining wall planted with a beautiful garden to support grade changes. Granite stone steps were installed to transition from the beautiful porch to the patio area that encompasses an 1800-square-foot custom-designed concrete paver patio. Natural stone boulders were used to accent the fire pit area which incorporates a Solo wood-burning fire pit completing an outdoor living space for this family to enjoy for years to come.

  • Asphalt Driveway With Cobblestone Enhancement in Sunapee, NH

    Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Sunapee, New Hampshire, this residence recently underwent a transformative driveway renovation, masterfully merging aesthetics with essential functionality. Faced with pressing drainage challenges, our team devised a bespoke solution that harmoniously blends the timeless elegance of Newport cobblestones with the practicality of asphalt paving. By integrating a cobblestone apron and asphalt driveway edging adorned with cobblestone pavers, we not only elevated the property's curb appeal but also efficiently addressed the drainage concerns within the client's budget. The result? A stunning cobblestone driveway, complemented by an asphalt walkway that embodies durability and design. Explore our gallery for more cobblestone driveway ideas and discover how we can bring a touch of Sunapee's natural beauty to your home.

  • Property Entrance Enhancement in Newport, NH

    The primary access to this property had deteriorated due to age. The owner wanted a new approach to the property including a culvert replacement, as well as, widening the driveway. Two new freestanding stone walls replaced the existing planter beds while incorporating low-maintenance plant beds using ornamental grasses and mulched with large natural Riverstone.

  • Raised Patio with Steps in Hanover, NH

    This raised patio is an extension of a concrete front porch that only had access from the house. The patio was extended, and a new walkway was installed using matching bluestone. We incorporated a set of granite steps and a fieldstone retaining wall to connect the driveway and front yard to the patio area.

  • Permeable Paver Driveway in Sunapee, NH

    While addressing the environmental and permitting needs of this Lake Sunapee residence, we installed a permeable concrete paver driveway using Techo-Bloc “Mista” Pavers along with additional drainage. This was the perfect solution to address the water run-off of this steep driveway while using granite curbing to support the concrete pavers and define plant beds for future landscape installation.

  • Permeable Patio with Firepit in Newbury, NH

    At the request of this Lake Sunapee homeowner, we installed a permeable paver patio with a gas firepit. While meeting a tight deadline, JCB Designscapes delivered on time with another quality project that this family will get to use for a long time to come.

  • Fieldstone Retaining Walls and Paver Driveway Installation in Newbury, NH

    With the existing fieldstone retaining walls in major disrepair and the poor drainage of the dirt driveway, this property was desperate for a major overhaul. We dismantled all of the existing stone walls, installed new drainage, and built new stonewalls in a similar footprint to the previous walls. The driveway drainage was improved and paved using Cambridge paving stones, giving this Lake Sunapee home a brand-new look.