A New Driveway for Your Lebanon Home


Your home’s driveway is a key hardscape feature that you use every day. It’s also a
very prominent aspect of your property that’s impossible to hide. Over the years,
driveways are susceptible to a variety of wear and tear from cars, weather, and
settling ground. If your Lebanon driveway has seen better
days, the team at JCB Designscapes can install a brand-new paver driveway to welcome
you and your guests for years to come.

Driveways take up a lot of square footage. With such an extensive area, there are
plenty of opportunities for problems. In New England especially, damage from
freezing (and refreezing) precipitation will eventually take its toll. A tiny crack
can become larger and larger as water seeps in, freezes, and expands. Before you
know it, weather damage and car traffic will have your driveway crumbling and

Even if your driveway hasn’t suffered significant damage, an improved driveway can be
a dramatic addition to your home. Paver stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes
and colors that can be arranged in patterns that give your driveway a unique twist.
If you want to elevate your driveway beyond traditional asphalt or concrete, pavers
may be the way to go.

The team at JCB Designscapes has all the tools necessary to take your Lebanon
driveway to the next level. Driveways need to be sturdy and structurally sound, but
they don’t need to be boring and strictly functional. At JCB, our decades of design
and installation experience help us deliver a paver driveway that complements your
house and the rest of your property.

Asphalt and concrete driveways deteriorate over time. If your Lebanon driveway could
use an update, paver stones offer a stunning cosmetic upgrade along
with unparalleled structural integrity. If your drive could use some help, let JCB
Designscapes give it a needed face-lift.