A New Look For Your Grantham Home!


Old plant beds can always use a little sprucing up. Clean new edges and a fresh
array of varied plants, flowers or shrubs can give your beds a great new feel.
If there is an empty corner of your lawn that is underused, a new tree or
group of shrubs can help fill it out. Ornamental grasses are an economical and
relatively quick way to add color and texture to spaces that may feel a bit

Hardscape Updates

New hardscaping goes hand in hand with living
landscape additions to your Grantham home. Walkways, walls, driveways, and patios
all accumulate damage and generally lose their luster of the years.
JCB Designscapes
can help you update your existing hardscaping with high
quality materials and new designs to suit your style.

Amazing Outdoor Living

With the right set up in place, your Grantham back yard can be the best place to
take in the summer. Whether you are hosting a large gathering or soaking in a
quiet evening, a new outdoor living space can give your home a new level of beauty
and livability.

A spacious stone or paver patio allows you dine, socialize, and even cook outdoors.
Installed seating areas allow you to entertain guests in the natural ambiance of
your back yard. Fire pits or hearths provide inviting warmth and light so that the
party can keep going long after sundown.

Drainage is No Joke