Beautiful and Permanent: Rock Walls for Grantham


For centuries, natural stone has been a preferred choice of building material in
New England. The natural abundance of rock in this region was a valuable asset to
early settlers. They don’t call New Hampshire “The Granite State” for nothing!

By including natural rock walls as part of your hardscaping, you give your Grantham home appealing and long-lasting structure
with a nod to local history. Once upon a time, farmers used rocks that they found
in fields to build a network of stone walls that honeycomb the New England
countryside to this day. The seasonal freezing and thawing of the ground would
gradually push rocks up from the earth, and they would end up in farmers’ fields.
When old-school New Englanders used these rocks to mark off property lines, they
did so largely because they needed a place to put them.

While you may not have mini-boulders popping out of your lawn, natural stone walls
can make a great addition to your Grantham property. From retaining walls that
prevent erosion to walls that mark your property line, walls serve a variety of
practical purposes. If you’re redesigning your landscape and need some added
structure to flesh it out, or if you have existing walls that are in need of
replacing, consider natural rock walls from JCB Designscapes.

Our team of experts has decades of experience in design, material procurement, and
installation when it comes to natural stone. Masonry that involves the irregular
shapes and sizes of natural rock requires a keen eye and incredible attention to
detail if the project is to be a success. When JCB works on your Grantham home, we
make sure that the stonework we install is completed to the highest standards so
that it will last for generations.

If you’re looking for a “monumental” way to renovate your hardscaping, consider stone walls from JCB Designscapes. With your ideas and our
expertise, we can give your Grantham property a stunning new look while paying
tribute to our regional history. When we say that our stone walls are built to
last, we really mean it!