Developing Your Newbury Shoreline


Owning a waterfront property can be amazing. Whether your Newbury home lies along a creek, a river, or
Lake Sunapee itself, proximity to water is sure to elevate your daily experience.
When it comes to your landscape, waterfront vegetation can provide both aesthetic
and practical benefits.

One of these practical benefits is the stability that root systems provide against
erosion. Rain and snowmelt can be damaging when large amounts of water run off
into rivers, lakes, or streams. Over time, the force of erosion can significantly
compromise your shoreline. Living plants help establish the shoreline by
stabilizing the soil and keeping it in place. In a way, waterside landscaping acts
as a natural retention wall.

Along with providing structure, shoreline landscaping
also helps purify water. When plants soak up water that they need to survive. They
process it and release it back into the atmosphere in the form of pure water vapor
. This cycle captures water impurities within the plant, removing these impurities
from the larger environment. In a waterfront setting, vegetation protects the
nearby body of water by filtering out the impurities contained in runoff.

The great thing about semi-aquatic plants is that they typically need very little
maintenance. Flowers such as lobelia and pickerelweed collect water runoff from
your property and absorb it before it reaches the lake. In times of heavy rain,
water-loving plants are well suited to soggy conditions. In general, if you pick
the right plant, you can add floral beauty to your waterfront while limiting your
maintenance needs. Along with water-loving plants, you can also spruce up your
waterfront area with more traditional shrubs or flowers. You also may consider an
inviting lakeside sitting area with a swing, fire pit, or patio. There’s nothing
quite like peaceful time spent by the water.

If your Newbury home includes unique waterfront space, let the team at JCB
Designscapes help you make the most of it!