Exciting New Landscapes For Etna

Mulching bed around the house and bushes, wheelbarrel along with a showel.


A new year is a time for new possibilities. Inside and outside of your home, there’s
always room for improvement. As you take stock of your Etna property this year,
it’s a great time to consider potential landscape
additions and renovations

As years go by, perennials eventually outgrow their intended areas. Shrubs and trees
mature and end up encroaching on your house, on fence lines, or on other living
landscaping. In other cases, older landscaping may be past its prime in terms of
vitality. Even if landscape areas are still healthy, there’s nothing wrong with
switching things up simply for a change of pace. If your Etna landscape could use an
update, consider swapping out some fading or overgrown perennials for fresh, new
additions. You can also repurpose those spaces as annual beds that can feature a new
array of plants every year.

On the other hand, maybe your New Hampshire home has some neglected outdoor spaces
that could be put to better use. Corners of your yard or areas that border living
spaces could likely use an injection of living landscaping to brighten them up. New
trees, shrubs, or plant beds can give empty spaces a newfound sense of color and
shape. New landscaping can also provide a valuable sense of definition by dividing
your lawn into more distinct areas.

If you feel that your Etna landscape could use some sprucing up, or if you have some
new creative ideas for your property, JCB Designscapes would love
to hear from you. Our expert team of professionals can help give your landscape
areas a needed face-lift or create entirely new ones. Turn over a new leaf this year
by giving us a call today!