Fine Outdoor Living In Henniker


The past year or so has been interesting, to say the very least. While it’s easy
to focus on the negative aspects of the pandemic lifestyle, there has been a
silver lining. People have redefined their relationships to both their homes
and the outdoors. At JCB, our goal is to continue helping Henniker homeowners
explore ways to expand their experience of outdoor

Gathering outdoors is incredibly enjoyable, even when social distance is not an
issue. The sunshine of a gorgeous afternoon or the crisp air of a New England
evening can be fully enjoyed with an outdoor living space. Many Henniker residents
have unused or underused outdoor spaces that could be occupied by a comfortable
and inviting patio area. Awnings or pergolas offer shade and definition to your
new gathering space. The more coverage you have, the more “indoorsy” you can make
your Henniker patio. With the right planning, a three-season TV room or outdoor
kitchen can be yours.

Even without major construction, you can still drastically expand your outdoor
living potential. Ornate pavers or natural stones can act as the foundation for
your hardscape. Accents such as permanent seating and landscape lighting help make
your patio both functional and inviting. Fire pits and hearths act as great focal
points for your new space while providing light and warmth. An outdoor living area
allows for close contact with your property’s landscaping. New trees, shrubs, and
plant beds all act as natural barriers that accent your patio space while
providing beauty and definition.

Outdoor living spaces allow you to expand the ways that you and your guests
experience your Henniker home. Every family is different, and your friends at JCB Designscapes are ready to hear the ideas you have to make your
patio unique. Give us a call today and start the journey toward vibrant outdoor