Fresh New Landscaping For Hanover


A new year provides a great opportunity to give your Hanover property a burst of new
life in the form of new plantings. Whether you are considering installing large new
features like shrubs or trees, or enhancing existing landscape areas with smaller
plants, the possibilities are nearly endless.

As you put together your plan for new landscaping, keep in
mind that some areas of your Hanover property are much more suited to certain plants
than others. Trees and shrubs can sometimes grow to become quite large. If you are
considering a new tree or shrub, be sure to find out how large it will be upon
maturity. You do not want a tree to jeopardize fences, power lines, or your house
itself. If you have questions regarding what you can plant where, just ask us!

A fun part of choosing new plantings is visualizing how they will fit into your
existing Hanover landscape. Perennials return year after year while annuals last
only one season. A common strategy is to devote some spaces to annuals and other
areas to perennials. This plan allows for some consistency year after year while
also allowing for variety every season. When you consider all the options, the
result is a beautiful Hanover property.