Fresh Newbury Landscapes


Nothing makes your Newbury property come alive like a varied array of plants. Trees
and shrubs can become central features of your yard while flowers, grasses, and
smaller shrubs can create stunning accents or fill in smaller spaces. For shaded
areas, there are a variety of ground cover options that can add life to an
otherwise neglected area.

As you put together your plan for new landscaping, keep in
mind what type of plant you want in certain areas. Trees and shrubs can sometimes
grow quite large, making their location very important. Over time, large trees and
shrubs become signature features of your landscape. Just make sure to not plant them
too close to power lines, fence lines, or your house.

When it comes to flowers, perennials are the type that come back every season while
annuals are planted each year and removed at the end of the growing season.
Allocating some portions of your Newbury landscape to perennials and others to
annuals is a strategy that allows for both consistency and variety. Having areas
devoted to annuals also allows you to switch up your Newbury landscape’s color
scheme year after year.

Whether you are choosing a minor addition, or laying out your landscape for years to
come, JCB Designscapes is ready to give your Newbury property a fresh new look.
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