Giving An Edge To Etna Hardscaping


New Hampshire homeowners know that the weather around here is a force to be
reckoned with. Water in the form of rain, ice and snow freezes, thaws, then
refreezes often multiple times. The repeated expansion and contraction can be
very taxing on your home and the hardscaping
around it.

Tap Your Potential

When it comes to evaluating outdoors spaces, many Etna homeowners do not know what
they have much of the time, Etna properties have neglected spaces that are outdoor
living spaces waiting to happen. Even modest additions can give your home a
beautiful and functional living area where you can more fully enjoy the pleasant
months. Whether you are considering a small sitting area, or a spacious outdoor
addition, JCB Designscapes has all the tools to breathe new life into previously
empty spaces.

When it comes to providing Etna with professional hardscaping,
quality building materials are a top priority. Since all hardscaping in Etna will
eventually need to deal with harsh weather, we do not cut corners when it comes to
selecting stone, brick, or concrete paving materials. Our experienced hardscape
technicians are trained to consider all aspects of every project so that your new
living area is built to last.

Don’t Forget Drainage

Construction plans must always consider how your property collects and handles
water. Improper or inadequate drainage can result in harmful erosion that can
compromise new structures. New plantings can also be drowned or washed away if
proper drainage is not in place. If you are considering new landscaping or
hardscaping in Etna, JCB Designscapes will make sure that a thorough drainage
plan is incorporated into the design.