Gorgeous Granite Steps In Grantham


New Hampshire is not called “The Granite State” for nothing. Outcroppings of this
grey stone can be found throughout the region. In the 19th century, quarrying
this beautiful and durable stone became a big business. It took 350 men six
years to extract enough New Hampshire granite to build the Library of Congress
in Washington. Fortunately, it won’t take nearly that amount of time or manpower
to give your Grantham home a set of regal granite steps.

Smooth, solid, and speckled with various minerals, granite is a symbol of permanence.
With the guidance and expertise of the pros at JCB Designscapes,
you can give your front steps, back steps, or raised patio area a historic level of
appeal and durability. Rough-hewn vertical faces with smooth stepping surfaces
convey the blending of natural beauty with human craftsmanship.

If you want your new steps to have a truly historic feel, consider reclaimed or
“antique” granite. This rock was quarried a long time ago by hand. Because of this,
reclaimed granite lacks the precision and smoothness of modern granite. It does,
however, have an authentic shape, appearance, and story that will give your new
steps a life of their own.

Steps and stairways are necessary in a variety of settings.
Whether they welcome visitors to your home or are part of an outdoor living area,
steps’ structural integrity is an absolute must. Granite is as solid and beautiful
as it comes in terms of building materials. This is why it’s been used for centuries
to build structures that have stood the test of time. With the help of {{
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