Grantham Outdoor Living


Do you ever feel as if your Grantham property is not quite meeting its full
potential? With a little imagination and some guidance from JCB Designscapes,
you can transform your outdoor space into an attractive and functional outdoor living area.

An empty space often appears larger when some sort of structure is added. You’d be
surprised what your Grantham yard can accommodate, even with seemingly limited space
. A deck or patio surface lays the foundation for your outdoor area. Structures such
as roofs or awnings help make your deck or patio cool and inviting by providing
shelter and shade. Natural “walls” of shrubs and bushes provide organic barriers
that offer both beauty and a sense of privacy.

With the overall layout established, you can explore the details of how you would
like to use your new space. Possibilities range from quiet sitting areas to lavish
outdoor living rooms and kitchens. Every household has a different idea of their
perfect outdoor lifestyle. Some projects focus on the ability to dine and cook
outdoors, while others prioritize seating capacity so that larger crowds can gather

Once you identify the goal of your Grantham patio, the pieces all fall into place.
Fire pits, grills, water features, and sound and light effects all work together to
bring your home’s livability to the next level.

This year, people have been spending more time at home. This situation has made it an
especially good time to reconsider what you can do with your property. With your
vision and JCB Designscapes’s expertise, we can make your Grantham home your
favorite destination!