Landscape Renovation For Sunapee Curb Appeal

Countryside house exterior. View of entrance column porch with stairs and walkway


Like any other part of home, after a period of time, your Sunapee landscaping
benefits from some freshening up. Just as paint fades and interiors become
outdated, living landscaping eventually runs its course.

Trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers often outgrow their originally intended area.
This causes an unbalanced look, with overgrown landscaping edging out adjacent
plantings. In other cases, parts of your landscape may have never thrived in that
space to begin with. A tree or shrub may hang on and survive for a while, but if it
was never a good fit to begin with, it is just a matter of time before it
significantly declines. Whether it’s overgrown, sickly, or you’ve simply tired of it
, new landscaping is a breath of fresh air for your
Sunapee property.

The landscape professionals at JCB Designscapes will design and
install stunning renovations that will make your Sunapee landscape shine once again.
Even modest updates can be incredibly impactful in terms of increasing curb appeal.
New plant beds should be located so as to complement existing landscape features
while adding new vibrance. Varied colors and textures make your front yard hard to
ignore from the street while making your back yard a more attractive and inviting
space for relaxing entertainment.

JCB Designscapes has years of experience designing, installing, and updating Sunapee
properties. Maybe you have a specific area that you would like to address, or
perhaps you feel your yard is just missing that “something” but you are not quite
sure what that might be. Whatever the case, we can help in terms of both guidance
and execution. Now is a great time to rejuvenate an aging landscape, so give JCB a
call today to begin the transformation!