Living Landscaping For Grantham


Living landscaping is always changing. From yearly bloom
cycles, to growth into maturity, plants such as trees, shrubs and flowers are
always in some sort of transition. This condition makes landscape planning for
your Grantham home both educational and enjoyable.

As you lay out your plan for new landscaping, keep in mind what type of plant you
want in certain areas. Trees and shrubs can sometimes grow quite large and can
become central features of your yard. Depending on their shape and size, some trees
can provide shade and privacy. Smaller shrubs, flowers, and grasses can add variety
of shape and texture to otherwise bland outdoor spaces. Ground covers are great for
filling up empty shaded portions of plant beds.

When it comes to flowers, some come back every year (perennials) while others are
planted fresh each season (annuals). Assigning some beds to perennials and others to
annuals is a strategy that allows you to rotate Grantham flower varieties and color
on a yearly basis. Color schemes can also be tweaked to complement your house as
well as surrounding landscaping.

Beyond adding beauty, living landscaping adds stability to soil. Root structures
fortify the earth around them and provide a useful answer to erosion, especially on
hills and embankments. At JCB Designscapes, we love consulting with Grantham
homeowners on potential planting schemes and then executing them. If you have
questions or ideas on how to best infuse new life into your landscape this year,
please give us a call!