Make The Most Of Your New London Property


Professional hardscaping is an investment in your
New London home that can be enjoyed now and pays dividends in the future. A
new patio or outdoor living space allows you and your family to fully enjoy
the outdoors from spring through autumn.

Expert Hardscaping

High quality hardscaping also adds to your New London home’s re-sale value. It is
hard to overstate the extent to which an inviting, well-constructed patio stands
out in the eyes of potential homebuyers. At JCB Designscapes, we use only the
best materials when installing walls, walkways, drives and living spaces.

High quality bricks, pavers and concrete are only as good as the care that goes
into bringing the project together. Our team at JCB Designscapes will listen to
your ideas and formulate a workable plan that hammers out the nuts and bolts that
will turn your vision for your New London home into a reality. Once a plan is in
place, our team of experienced landscape professionals goes to work to make sure
everything is installed down to the slightest detail. The result is excellent
hardscaping that adds function and beauty to your New London property.

Drain The Rain

Poor drainage can ‘sink’ an otherwise beautiful New London landscape. Standing
water can drown plants and harbor annoying insects such as mosquitoes. Flowing
runoff from heavy rain can cause unwanted erosion as it washes away top soil and
mulch. This can also compromise new plantings before they are able to fully take
root. A brand new patio is not very inviting when sitting underwater.

JCB Designscapes realizes that drainage issues need to be anticipated and
addressed as part of any new project. We account for drainage needs when designing
a new project so that drainage issues never have a chance to pop up in the first
place. A relatively new invention that we have introduced to New London hardscapes
is permeable paver stones. These pavers allow water to drain through them straight
to the ground or some other form of drainage bed.