Shoreline Plantings For Hillsboro

New England has plenty of water. Along with plentiful coastline, there are also multitudes of inland bodies of water. Many Hillsboro properties are situated along the Contoocook River or on the shores of Franklin Pierce Lake. If your home includes a piece of shoreline, developing the waterfront with living landscaping with our landscaping company has several benefits.

Flowers, shrubs and trees along your shoreline add definition and beauty to your Hillsboro home just as they do around your home. A shoreline is a unique aspect of a property that can be vibrant and inviting with the help of living landscaping. A deck area used for swimming or a waterside patio is made even more inviting by an array of flowers and shrubs.

While the aesthetic beauty of healthy shoreline landscaping is enough for many Hillsboro residents to make the investment, waterside vegetation is also an environmental asset. New England’s waterways are extensive and interconnected. All rainwater will eventually find its way to a lake or the ocean. This can be problematic in times of heavy rain, when runoff happens quickly at high volumes. Runoff picks up a host of impurities from the surface of your lawn, including pesticides, fertilizers, and detergents. During heavy rains, these impurities are deposited into local waterways, potentially harming the plants and wildlife that live in these bodies of water. Runoff can also cause erosion, which damages your shoreline and also disrupts the ecological balance of adjacent bodies of water.

By introducing living landscaping to your shoreline, you both reduce erosion and make groundwater cleaner. Plants absorb water and slow its speed as it travels across the soil surface. This allows more water to soak into the soil. Plant roots use some of the water they absorb and release the rest in the form of water vapor, effectively purifying the water. The more plants growing in an area, the greater the volume of water that is slowed down and captured.

Planting living landscaping on Hillsboro’s shoreline properties provides inviting beauty to these unique areas. It also goes a long way to improving our local waterways. If you have waterfront property, let JCB Designscapes LLC make it more enjoyable and ecologically friendly.

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