Naturalized Landscapes In Washington, NH

When deciding what type of landscaping to introduce to your Washington home, you may look to magazines, advertisements, or maybe your neighbors. One factor to consider as you plan out new plantings is what type of trees, shrubs, and flowers “want” to live in your yard.

All plants have a native region. Soil conditions, seasonal climate, rainfall and sun intensity are all factors that make certain vegetation feel at home in a specific place. In recent years, the goals of environmental health and ornamental beauty have merged in the upswing of naturalized landscapes made up of native vegetation.

This practice simply makes sense when you think about it. Landscaping that is native to a particular region will have an initial leg up on non-native cultivars. Naturalized landscapes are already attuned to their surroundings and require less intensive maintenance in order to thrive. Local vegetation will also attract native New England wildlife to your Washington property, which promotes a positive feedback loop of pollination and seed dispersion. By introducing naturalized landscapes, you increase your landscape’s viability while decreasing maintenance costs, all while promoting helpful native wildlife.

Even among native plants, some trees and shrubs are better suited for specific areas. For example, sweet gum trees benefit from plentiful sunshine, while silky dogwoods prefer the shade. The landscape professionals at JCB Designscapes LLC can help you pick the right collection of native trees, shrubs, and flowers that will look great and also thrive in the New England setting they are accustomed to.

When it comes to fostering living landscaping, you should use the help of Mother Nature whenever possible. By focusing on native plantings for your Washington landscape, our landscaping company can give your landscape investment an improved chance to mature and succeed.

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