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A beautiful Sutton landscape can only be enjoyed if it’s sustainable for the long haul. Without an adequate drainage strategy, your plants and hardscaping can meet an untimely end.

Moving water is an incredibly powerful force. If rainwater has no place to go, it exerts this force directly on your living landscaping or man-made structures. Mulch in plant beds can be quickly washed away. Nutrient-rich topsoil can easily erode, leaving unsightly channels throughout your Sutton property. This erosion leads to newly planted flowers and plants being uprooted or coming under attack from fungal root disease.

A comprehensive drainage scheme is a key part of any landscape, and our landscaping company has years of experience in this area. Ideally, drainage concerns are factored into the original design and construction of your Sutton landscape. Your yard’s elevation, its soil composition, and its proximity to creeks or streams all contribute to your Sutton property’s ability to drain water. By considering these factors initially, you can minimize drainage issues from the outset.

In some cases, however, drainage needs to be addressed after hardscaping and landscaping are already in place. If you are experiencing drainage issues throughout your Sutton landscape, the experts at JCB Designscapes LLC will provide a detailed and accurate appraisal of the situation as well as possible remedies.

Sometimes, the solution can be as straightforward as a simple French drain that collects rainwater and prevents it from soaking your landscape. Other situations may call for more drastic measures, such as buried drainage pipes or even reworking the location of landscape elements.

Your landscape and hardscape are key features of your Sutton home. They are large investments that can be enjoyed for years if they are properly maintained. Poor drainage can be a costly and frustrating problem for New Hampshire homeowners. If you have drainage issues or questions about new landscape additions, the pros at JCB Designscapes LLC are ready to help.

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