New Landscapes In West Lebanon

As we leave the winter behind and move into the warmer months, your may realize that your West Lebanon property could use a bit of an upgrade. Over time, living landscaping can lose its vitality and begin to decline. Sometimes, a specific landscape was not an ideal fit for the area to begin with. In other cases, a tree, shrub, or flower’s growth cycle may have run its course. If a collection of landscaping did particularly well in your New Hampshire yard, it may have simply outgrown its designated space.

The landscape professionals at JCB Designscapes LLC can give your property a fresh, new look for the new year. For some properties, a few nice touches can create quite an impact visually. Other West Lebanon properties require a rethinking of the entire landscape in order to set them on the right path.


No matter how extensive the renovation, JCB Designscapes LLC consultants will discuss all possible scenarios in advance so that we can best meet your vision as well as your budget. Our years of experience with West Lebanon homes provide a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Homeowners are often surprised by how much of their existing landscaping is still viable and can be left as is. Much of the time, a series of modest, well-designed improvements can create a stunning new look.

Keeping up with needed landscape renovations is an ongoing process. Different plants have different longevities and growth patterns. The team at JCB Designscapes LLC will assess the situation and draw up a plan for your West Lebanon property using your input and our expertise. Together, we can update your landscape and set it up for years of health and beauty.

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