New Entryways in New London


Your front door supplies your home’s first impression. Living landscaping around your entryway can dramatically improve the
area’s appearance while making it welcoming to anyone who may be visiting.
Entryway landscaping gives you the opportunity to be creative and express your own
sense of style and taste. With some help from JCB Designscapes, your New London
home can have the grand entrance that it deserves.

The first step to establishing the foundation of your entryway is attractive and
inviting hardscaping. You’ll want to be sure that
your front walk is wide enough for two people walking side by side and that the
porch is big enough for people to enter comfortably. It’s also helpful if the
porch area is big enough to have large planter pots on either side of your door.
Finally, well-placed landscape lighting helps highlight your New London entryway
at all hours while providing safety and easy access for anyone who might visit.
Hardscape additions should always be thought out and well designed. The
installation team at JCB Designscapes will help turn your ideas into a workable

With the permanent fixtures in place, you can move on to living landscaping. Plants
can pull the eye toward the doorway, softening and framing the entrance of your
New London home. Flower beds will give visitors a sensory treat as they approach
the door – sights, smells, and textures are key to that experience. If you have a
walkway leading to your front door, ornamental trees can create a defined path and
even provide shade. Low hedges can also flank your walk to show the way to your
front door.

To keep your entrance open and inviting, it’s important to choose landscaping that
will not quickly become overgrown but rather matures within a determined space.
Evergreen trees such as arbor vitae work well as entry features because they grow
thickly but not too quickly. This makes them easy to shape and prune. JCB can help
choose plants that won’t outgrow their spaces, create litter on walkways or look
bad during winter.