New Life With New landscaping In New London


Could your New London landscape use a little sprucing up?
Adding plants such as trees, shrubs, flowers or grasses is a great way to
invigorate your New London home with texture, shape, and color.

Some varieties of trees grow very large to eventually become centerpieces for your
entire landscape. Smaller trees or shrubs can be planted in close proximity to your
house, creating a natural transition between your New London house and your lawn.</p     >

In addition to beautifying your yard, trees and shrubs can also be practical. When
planted along New London property lines, certain varieties can create natural
privacy walls that are much more attractive than fences. If you have a living space
that is receiving too much sun, well-placed trees can offer a natural source of

If your property could use an infusion of color, there are multitudes of flower
varieties to choose from. A popular flower strategy is filling an area with multiple
colors of the same type of flower. An entire bed of flowers of uniform size and
shape but varying color creates an organized yet vibrant effect. New London
homeowners can also opt for a more natural look by going for an explosion of
different flower varieties in close proximity.

Ornamental grasses can create a unique look due to their size and shape. Practically
speaking, grasses grow quickly and can fill in an area surprisingly fast. Whether
you are choosing an annual for this season, or looking to shape your landscape for
years to come, JCB Designscapes is ready to give your New London property a burst
of new life. Give us a call today!