New Plantings For Lebanon


Adding plants such as trees, shrubs, flowers or grasses is a great way to enhance
your Lebanon property this year with texture, shape, and color.

Some varieties of trees grow very large to eventually become centerpieces for your
entire landscape. Smaller trees or shrubs are more flexible in terms of location and
can be placed in close proximity to your house or other landscaping.

When it comes to flowers, there is an endless array of varieties and color
combinations to choose from. Perennials come back year after year and will be a
recurring part of your Lebanon landscape year after year. Annuals bloom only once
and are then removed at the end of the season. Having staggered areas of perennials
and annuals is a useful strategy. Perennials that come back each year can add
consistency to your Lebanon landscape while annuals provide a burst of variety each

Ornamental grasses are another type of plant that includes many varieties that can be
worked into your landscape. Some grasses have tall, thick blades that can grow to
the size of shrubs. Other grasses are smaller with more wispy, thread-like blades.
All grasses offer a great complement to surrounding trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Whether you are choosing a minor addition, or looking to shape your landscape for
years to come, JCB Designscapes is ready to give your Lebanon property a burst of
new life. Give us a call today!