Outdoor Kitchens in Hanover

There are many months out of the New Hampshire year where cooking inside is the
option. So when the opportunity presents itself, of course we want to cook
outside! Spring,
summer and fall all provide us with the option to cook outdoors, be it on a gas or
a charcoal grill,
smoker or open fire. If you are considering stepping up your outdoor living game
for next
summer, now is a great time to start the process.

Form vs. Function in Outdoor Kitchens

Designing outdoor kitchens in the Hanover area is always a fun balancing act.
Depending on the
space that you have to work with and your own personal interests and preferences,
we can guide
you through the process of visualizing the ideal outdoor kitchen and living space.
How do you cook outside most? Gas, charcoal, smoker? How many people do you
entertain? Are you and your friends the types of people who eat around a table, or
should we
allocate space for a fire pit that you’ll gather around? These are fun questions,
and we love the
opportunity to learn more about you and your family and friends so that we can
provide the best
possible outdoor space for your needs.