Permeable Pavers For Lake Sunapee


Residents of the Lake Sunapee region are no doubt familiar with the extreme
weather that this area experiences each year. Rain, snow, and ice, along with
a wide range of temperatures, can pose a challenge for hardscapes and masonry.

Water is incredibly powerful and important for maintaining your landscape. If
water runoff is not properly managed, it can cause a wide range of damage.
Precipitation can easily seep into the nooks and crannies of your driveway,
walkways, patios, or steps. If water freezes in these tight spots, the
expanding ice can cause significant cracks. As the cycle of seepage, freezing,
and cracking repeats itself over a New Hampshire winter, damage only becomes
more and more pronounced.

Permeable paver stones allow you to coordinate your concrete hardscapes and your drainage system so that water is no longer a
destructive force. These unique paver stones soak up water and deliver it to a
bed of gravel beneath your pavement. Eventually, water makes its way to your
street, lawn or storm sewer. With traditional pavers, water has nowhere to go,
so it stays on top of the pavement and goes wherever it can–running off where
it can or infiltrating the concrete. With permeable pavers, water is drained
away efficiently and effectively, never causing a threat to the integrity of
your hardscaping. These pavers’ ability to make water “magically disappear” is
especially beneficial in times of heavy, sustained rain, when flooding is

A permeable paver system can revolutionize your Sunapee property’s drainage system
. This unique building material is useful for patios, walkways, and especially
driveways. The larger the concrete surface, the larger the influence of
permeable pavers. On driveways or parking aprons, permeable pavers can be
particularly useful in winter, when the thawing and refreezing of standing
water could otherwise pose a safety hazard.