Planning a Summer Retreat in Lebanon

Summers in New Hampshire are glorious. You can tell by how many tourists show up to visit! It’s no surprise to us that people love coming to visit, and we love making the most out of the bright, warm days of summer. Heading to the lake for relaxation is always great, but many Lebanon residents prefer the convenience of a swimming pool right in their own backyard.

Stop Dreaming, Start Planning

Swimming pool landscapes are some of the most complex and most rewarding projects we work on in the Lebanon area. There is a significant amount of “nuts and bolts” planning that goes into a pool installation. The REAL fun, though, is when we get together with homeowners to talk through their mental picture so that we can help design and create their perfect summer oasis. It might feel like summer is a long way off, but what better way to look forward to warmer eather returning than by talking to JCB Designscapes about a new pool and landscape for your Lebanon home?

Summer Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Are you already thinking about next summer? Then call us today. Pool landscapes are fantastic projects, but they require a lot of coordination. Our goal is always to maximize your enjoyment of your landscape while minimizing the disruption to your normal life. Pools, no matter the size, DO disrupt your property, and the best way to avoid that is to start the process early. If you are looking for a summer of lounging by your own private body of water, contact us now. We are in Lebanon often and would be happy to get together on your property and start the discussion.