Proactive Planning for Your Sunapee Landscape


One of the great things about living in Sunapee is that we definitely have 4 distinct seasons every year.
Your favorite season probably feels too short, but there’s no denying that you
really FEEL the seasons when you are out in the landscape. Summers here are the
time when most Sunapee residents make use of their landscape, but whenever
possible, we design landscapes that can be enjoyed (almost) all year round.

The distinct seasons pose a bit of a challenge when it comes to landscape planning,
landscape design, and landscape construction projects.
There are weather-based limitations, of course, and just as important, we want you
to spend your favorite season using your landscape, which means we want to plan
our work to not interfere with you and your family’s use of your property.

Start Now

The solution to this is simple: Start planning your landscape project now. Every
landscape project requires a certain amount of planning and prep work. Even simple
projects require multiple moving parts working together, and more complex projects
– especially those near Lake Sunapee – require more extensive permitting to ensure
preservation of the shoreline.

Additionally, the last 2 years have seen a surprising level of supply chain
disruption. Even though landscaping makes use of natural materials, every project
requires us to bring items together from different sources in order to build your
dream landscape.

Our goal is to have all the necessary planning, permits, manpower and materials
staged and ready to go, so that when we do step foot on your property, we aren’t
waiting, and your normal life is impacted as little as possible. You can help us
with this by getting the process started now. A few extra weeks of planning and
discussion goes a long way in helping us create the perfect setting for your
favorite season.