Professional Stonework For Springfield


New England has a long history of stone construction that goes back centuries.
At JCB Designscapes, we take pride in bringing masterful stonework to
Springfield homes.
Natural stone or cut and finished granite are both
majestic building materials that bring a sense of tradition and permanence to
your Springfield home.

Walkways, walls, and outdoor steps can become damaged over time or overgrown with
vegetation. Other times, you may find that your hardscaping has simply grown a bit
stale for your tastes. Whether you are looking for an upgrade or a repair, {{
companyName }} takes pride in installing top-tier stonework to exact specifications.

This geographical area includes large amounts of natural stone. They don’t call New
Hampshire “The Granite State” for nothing! Since our nation’s founding, stone from
this area has been used for buildings, roads, and extensive networks of rock walls
that are hundreds of years old. Including natural rock walls in your hardscape
furnishes your Springfield property with a rustic sense of color and texture.
Unevenly sized and shaped stones provide a great balance to other landscape and hardscape elements with more precise edges and patterns.

In addition to natural rock, dimensional granite is a stone building material that
can be tailored to your unique sense of design. Granite consists of many colors
and includes a variety of patterns within each section of stone. This rock can be
cut and polished into numerous shapes. Due to its versatility, dimensional granite
hardscaping can provide artistic detail to your outdoor space.

Stone is the most solid building material there is. It gives your Springfield
property the structure and permanence that holds up throughout the years. In
addition to strength, natural or finished stone is appealing to the senses and
offers a unique beauty that will enhance your Springfield home for decades.