Step It Up with Granite in Hanover


Granite is a natural feature of the New England region and has been used as a
building material in the United States for centuries. The durability and beauty of
natural granite make it a great option when constructing hardscapes in Hanover.

Outdoor steps require both safety and structure. Whether they provide access between
levels of your patio area or descend from your house, exterior steps need to be
something you can count on. By upgrading your Hanover hardscaping with granite steps
from JCB Designscapes, you can give your outdoor spaces a stunning appearance and
unrivaled structural integrity.

New England weather can be brutal to outdoor structures. Traditional brick and mortar
work can easily fall prey to damage from water and fluctuating temperatures. Granite
steps, on the other hand, can typically be assembled without the use of mortar.
Large, heavy granite stones are difficult to move, and once in place, they tend to
stay put. A porous concrete pad provides the foundation for granite steps and keeps
water from being trapped inside. This construction prevents the weather damage
common in other types of masonry. The final result is a beautiful set of steps that
you can count on for generations to come.

When it comes to durable beauty, you can’t beat Mother Nature. Like many natural
stones, granite is forged by the earth’s heat and takes millions of years to form.
The result is an exquisite material that’s nearly indestructible. Working with
granite takes skill and patience, as well as a keen eye for selecting the finest
stone. JCB Designscapes has been delivering quality granite work to the Hanover area for years and is excited to do the same for
you. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for your outdoor steps, give us a
call today!