Sturdy Stonework for Your Grantham Home


Stonework is a classic and intrinsic element in the homes
and landscapes of New Hampshire.

Our nickname, The Granite State, is an homage to the abundant mountains and quarries,
as well
as the strength of our residents. Ok, we made that part up – but the use of stone in
construction of buildings, homes and boundary walls is a defining part of the look and
feel of
New Hampshire.

In addition to being available, stone has been utilized in the our area because of
its strength and
durability. It’s not uncommon to see stone walls that have survived for hundreds of
years, and
when you are considering landscape additions for your Grantham home, natural stone
should be
part of your plan.

Holding Back the Earth

We often think of walls as dividing two similar spaces, like an interior wall in
between rooms or
a stone wall dividing a farm field. In landscaping, though, walls often serve the
purpose of breaking an unusable slope into usable levels. Retaining walls, generally
are any wall that holds back the earth. Homes in Grantham benefit from the beauty of
topography, but it’s very common to have unusable space on your property due to
sloping. Retaining walls are the solution that can expand your landscape and create
space for you