Thirsty Concrete For Your Enfield Home


Whether it’s warm-weather rain or winter snow and ice, precipitation is a constant
challenge for your Enfield hardscape. When it rains, the water needs to go
somewhere. A large amount of runoff from patios or driveways can flood plant
beds or turf areas, giving your living landscape more water than it needs. In
some cases, heavy rain can result in damaging erosion. If rainwater does NOT
go anywhere, that’s a problem as well. Without proper drainage, moisture can
seep into cracks in the concrete. The cycles of freezing and thawing can then
lead to costly structural damage.

Fortunately, engineers have come up with a unique way to address the runoff issue.
Permeable pavers are an innovative building material
that can make your Enfield rainwater problems vanish before your eyes.
Permeable pavers are made of porous concrete that soaks up precipitation.
Absorbed water is then transferred to a reservoir layer of gravel underneath
the pavement. From there, the water slowly but surely seeps into the ground or
is directed to an established conduit.

This process provides your Enfield hardscape with
a sustainable process for dealing with runoff without disrupting the integrity
of your concrete surfaces or your living landscaping. Water is removed and
sent into the soil in a measured and manageable fashion.

As great as permeable pavers are for dealing with spring and summer rain, they
also help combat winter snow and ice. As with rain, permeable pavers give
melted snow and ice a place to go. Permeable concrete surfaces also experience
quicker snow and ice melting than traditional surfaces. Their unique
construction, with the reservoir layer below the pavement, provides airspace
that encourages snow and ice to melt at a faster-than-normal rate.