Traditional Stonework For Springfield


New England has a long and proud history as one of the cradles of the New World.
Part of this history includes a web of ancient rock walls
that span the entire region. At JCB Designscapes, we take pride in
reviving this historic feature for your Springfield home.

The story of these walls began thousands of years ago when New England was covered
by a glacier. As the glacier receded, it left behind all sorts of deposits,
including stones of all sizes. When early European settlers came to New England,
they found vast forests, which they soon harvested for building as well as for
fuel for warmth throughout the brutal winter months. The newly exposed bare
earth was susceptible to freezing and thawing, a process that pushed countless
amounts of fieldstones up to the soil’s surface. Farmers’ need to clear their
fields and define their properties led to thousands of miles of rock walls that
criss-cross the region to this day.

As New Englanders ourselves, the team at JCB Designscapes carries
on this tradition as we design and install traditional rock walls for your
Springfield property. These walls can be used as retaining barriers, raised beds
, or decorative boundaries for your patio area. We use the same locally sourced
stone that popped up from the ground on colonial farms. We fashion rocks of
irregular shapes and sizes into walls that are structurally sound and visually
stunning. Let JCB Designscapes give your landscape a piece of New England
history with a traditional stone wall.